Inside The Palace

Created by Alice Bloomfield

Published by Playtime Press


In her graphic novel debut Bloomfield illustrates the opulent existence of life Inside The Palace. Dripped in jewels and living in luxury, where your every need and want is met, casting your gaze deep inside can mean to loose yourself.

Journey inward to a world that exists below the surface, where exuberance seduces and exploits your desires, a space aroused by an uneasy and unfeeling culture where ones trappings can transform into something otherwise unsavoury and enraged.

However the beauty outside rarely speaks truth to the contest happening deep in the depths Inside the Palace.

Within Inside The Palace, Alice explores wealth, sex and validation through abstract moments that subvert the world we know today into a mystical and surreal mirror of todays culture.

In addition to some inspirational line work and a refreshing illustrative style we’ve been practically begging to see, Alice’s use of chalk pastel drawings and watercolour paintings to add colour to hand inked pages, set between chapters of digitally painting creates this wonderful surface full of texture and character, merging perfectly to create a visual spree that you’ll revel in returning back to time and time again.


Book Spec

Thread locked perfect bound book

300gsm cover


Lithograph printed onto 150gsm paper

106 pages


Pre Order Open

Shipping February 2020

Free international delivery Limited time only

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