Magnum II

Created by Filippo Fontana

Published by Playtime Press


Old man gets green when he gambles. Child from planet far away come to earth and turns everything he sees to gold. Group of teenage reptiles hit the streets for the drip name but a few of the tales in Magnum II.

In it’s second imagining Magnum II takes a closer look at how some of our cultural favourites deal with the pressures of financial megalomania in this crazy world of capital. From the cynical to slapstick Fontana’s particular humour and flat graphic elements coupled with story without speech cast our minds back to a era of comedy and criticism before this books time.

Past it’s aesthetic Magnum II plays with real issues in a surprising way through the lenses of characters bearing some resemblance to some of culture most loved characters and bringing new perspectives to the way we judge believeable situations and issues people face whilst also pulling laughs and poking fun by throwing people off of buildings and into other situations which are completely unbelievable.


Book Spec

Thread locked perfect bound book

300gsm cover


Lithograph printed onto 130gsm paper

82 pages


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