Missed Connection

Created by Tess Smith-Roberts

Published by Playtime Press

Lithograph Print

Thread Locked Perfect bound




** Winner of the Creative Conscience Award 2019 **

** Shortlisted for Hamburg Picturebook Prize 2019 **


Inspired by real life experiences of loneliness in a new city, Missed Connection takes us through the unassuming stories of Kitty and Grace as they fumble through anecdotal moments and try to navigate the social landscape of London on a journey to find friendships at parties, parks and wherever they can find it! in this humorous reframing of issues surrounding loneliness in a big city.


Wielding drawing with bold playfulness, in a style that looks kinda like a kid that is really good at drawing did it (only like allot better!) the artist hopes ‘to normalising loneliness though a narrative, that suggests that by being open enough, we can make each other feel less alone.’ with a structure and pace that will keep you flicking through page-to-page.


Missed Connection enjoys a welcome chance to speaks true to feelings of isolation and pays particular good attention to how this is illustrated and excels at using the format of graphic novel format to convey this, sharing with us surprisingly tender highs and lows as we watch the Kitty and Graces stories reach their end.


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1 review for Missed Connection

  1. Flesh Pile

    I adore the aesthetic – the limited colour palette and the naive drawing style that combines with an incredible mastery of shape and composition. I found myself staring at the crowd scenes for ages, just enjoying the drawings. The humour and heart of the story makes it really special, and gives substance to the style (Although the style is what drew me to the work!) I added the book to Goodreads and gave it 5 stars too 🙂 – Flesh Pile

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